Saturday, 26 September 2015

Denrele falls off stage in massive platform shoes(video)

Oh my God! This is one of the scariest things i have seen in a while.The reason it was so scary was,i was not expecting the fall.I was sent this video by a friend with no caption.I started watching it and saw Denrele Edun,Nigeria's craziest media personality walking down the runway of a fashion show.He then started twirling his neck with his very long orange braids swinging to the beat of the music playing.At that stage i thought,oh she sent me the video so i can see Denrele doing this crazy dance.Without warning,a few seconds was
BOOM! Denrele fell off the Port Harcourt fashion show stage with this massively high platform boots he was wearing!


I was scared and shocked! Shocked because Denrele could have done himself so much damage with that fall off stage.Many people have broken their necks,leg,back or arms in similar situations.I just hope he is okay.But from what i heard from friends,Denrele is fine with no serious injury.Denrele falling off stage has now catapulted him into fame along with some very famous stars who have fallen off the stage,P Diddy,Naomi Campbell,Burna Boy,are some of the most recent names that come to mind.
Funny thing is i was not too surprised Denrele fell off stage in retrospect.Those shoes he wears are way tooooooo high! I don't know how he stands in them ,less talk of walking or dancing.And if you have seen Denrele dance,you know he dances like a mad man.I don't know how he does it.But will Denrele's fall off stage in the Port harcourt fashion show slow down his madness?Does Nigeria have corrupt politicians? There you go,you have your
Don't be surprised if you see Denrele Edun fall off stage again in another fashion show runway anytime in the future,and he won't have it no other way!

Meanwhile you can watch the video of Denrele fall of stage below.
Story by Queen Olofofo.
Video Credit: @baddiewuh

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