Sunday, 6 September 2015

Emeka Ike releases PR pics of him feeding his children.

emeka ike wife abandons children

lol..Emeka Ike is now playing the sympathy card.There is no need for this pictures of him feeding his children.Is this supposed to be something extra ordinary? They are your children for Pete's sake! So i guess this is to show,i am the devoted hubby who's wife has left alone with the kids,and poor me has to take care of my kids and feed them.Common,Mr Ike,try something better .This stunt is wack! Emeka recently attacked Rev Chris Okotie saying he was behind his marriage woes and had hired a a lawyer for his wife.Emeka reckons as a good pastor,Okotie should be trying to reconcile him with his wife rather than hiring a lawyer for her and keeping them apart.I totally agree with that 100%! But then again ,we all know Chris Okotie's reputation with women.Don't be surprised if there is more to come from this story.Meanwhile,Okotie replied Emeka saying he was spewing rubbish and replying him will only make him feel important! Ouch! More pics after the cut...


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