Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Femi Fani Kayode Threatens Federal govt over Falae kidnapping!

You can trust Femi Fani Kayode to always stir the pot when there is an issue at stake.But even though i agree with his sentiments and anger regarding Chief Olu Falae being kidnapped,i don't agree with him holding the Federal government responsible.This is not a political matter or kidnap.And news coming from Olu Falae's camp suggests he might have been kidnapped by some Fulani Herdsmen who had previous runnings with workers in Olu Falae's farm.
So if this is the case,how is that the federal governments doing? What i will agree on is the federal government doing all they can do to make sure they investigate and catch the perpetrators. If Femi Fani Kayode's party had laid down a solid foundation in security in their 16 years of governing Nigeria,people like these Fulani herdsmen would not think they can just walk into a private property and kidnap a citizen talk less of a reputable one like Chief Olu Falae.
Statement from chief Femi Fani-Kayode. Read below... 

The abduction of Chief Olu Falae is not only unacceptable but it also an exceptionally dangerous development. I say this because he is not only an elder-statesman of our country but he is also one of the most revered leaders of Afenifere and the south-west. We cannot sit by idly and watch our leaders and elders being endangered, shamed and humiliated in this way.
It is the governments job to keep us all safe and secure and they are failing in that duty. I call on the President and our security agencies to effect the expeditious and immediate release of Chief Olu Falae.

They must rescue him from these vagabonds and vandals as soon as possible before things get out of hand. Let it be clearly understood that if anything happens to him and if he doesn't come home hale and hearty we will hold the Federal Government responsible and there will be consequences. Those that are in power would do well to take what I have said very seriously. 

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