Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Funmi Iyanda recounts how Church elder cut her hair at 17

Funmi Iyanda,the outspoken Tv personality is never afraid to air her feelings.This time Funmi has been talking deeper issues.She reckons the blame never lies with the women victims and is simply down to power which the men feel the need to display.Funmi also talks about the stress and grief she got while airing her programs as some station in the North even refused to air her show. But i think what blew my mind most was the revelation that at 17, a church elder took a pair of scissors and cut Funmi's hair from the roots for having a particular hair style! Can you imagine that? Who gave those people that right? If a church leader ever did that to my daughter,i swear,i will shave his or her hair in return! As usual never a dull moment around when Funmi Iyanda is in this mood,see more tweets below


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