Sunday, 13 September 2015

Gov Fayose's son Tomiwa buys a N30m Porsche!

Gov Fayose's son
Tomiwa Fayose,living large in style.

Tomiwa Fayose,Governor Ayo Fayose's son,sure knows how to live in style.The young man is said to have just bought himself a cool new Porsche that set him back N30m! How did these people know the cost of the Porsche? Me i know no o,but the young man is being congratulated,while others are questioning where he got the money from? Sure,you can't ask him that can you? Its not like the young man is a public official.There are young people in Nigeria who are dynamic and doing well for 

themselves.But corruption has made people think anyone that is doing well must have acquired his
wealth through dubious means.Not necessarily so my people.Enjoy your ride Tomiwa Fayose.

Tomiwa Fayose.


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