Friday, 25 September 2015

Hajia Bilikisu Yusuf Nigerian journalist among the Mecca dead

Hajia Bilikisu Yusuf known as Northern Nigeria's first female Editor, died in the stampede that claimed 717 lives in Mecca Saudi Arabia yesterday September 24th. She will be remembered as one of the advocates of the 'Bring Back Our Girls' group. 

I just can't get over those sad pictures of people piled on top of each other.It's so sad,such a waste of lives.Hajia Bilikisu Yusuf left her friends and family hale and hearty,waving goodbye to them to make a lifetime trip,and she never comes back home,and this is the same to over 800 people who have died in this year's Holy pilgrimage to Mecca ,Saudi
May all the departed souls of all those who have died in the stampede in Mecca 2015,rest in peace.

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