Monday, 14 September 2015

How 17 yr old Marcel Addai was chased and killed by gang mob!

Marcel Addai.

Sodiq Adebayo, aged 22, Akeem Gbadamosi, 21 and Eugene Ocran, 19, have been charged with the murder of 17-year-old Marcel Addai.
This is very sad,this incident happened right behind my house.This is the second time a Nigerian has been involved in a murder in that same area.About two years ago,a little Nigerian girl went to the shops to buy something.On her way back,she was caught up in a shooting and a stray bullet killed  her! This time,its 2 Nigerian boys doing the killing.
Marcel Addai was stabbed in the chest on September 4 after being chased through St John's Estate in Pitfield Street, Hoxton, London on Sept. 4. He was pronounced dead at the
scene. A 40-year-old woman, who did not want to be named, said she saw the victim,Marcel Addai being chased before falling to the ground as she watched from her nearby flat.

"There was a big chase," she said. They ran through the estate, some on bikes, some on foot. By the end of it when 
Marcel Addai died there were about 15 people around him. I just heard the screams, the cries - a primal scream of death. I could really hear it. I don't know if it was one of his friends who realized that he was dead but it was the most echoing, crying noise"

Earlier statement from the Metropolitan Police indicates that Akeem Gbadamosi and Eugene Ocran were charged on Wednesday, September 9 and appeared in custody at Hendon Magistrates' Court on Thursday, 10 September. Sodiq Adebayo appeared in custody at Hendon Magistrates' Court on Saturday 12 September.


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