Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Kcee mocked in promotional picture for Air Peace Airline!

Kcee the new Ambassador for Air Peace,got more than he bargained for when he revealed his good news.Who names an airline Peace anyway? So tacky! I don#t even know if its Nigerian.
So back to my story,Kcee shared the good news with his fans on Instagram that he was the new ambassador for Peace Airline,and then the wahala started.The reader left comment such as,was he joining Skiibii in the land of the dead? It looks like he is on transit to heaven! And they have a point.That picture is funny,what with all the clouds? I know they were
trying to portray a man flying peacefully,but it back fired!
Now,will Kcee and his Peace Airline crew change this picture? Cos if the people you are trying to sell a product to don't approve,what chance have you got? The worst of the comments were the ones who said it looked like Kcee was resting in peace! Nigerians have bad mouth eh! lol
See the hilarious responses Kcee got from the people regarding his Air Peace promotional picture.


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