Thursday, 24 September 2015

Lepacious Bose blasts the new generation for not reading!

lepacious bose weight loss,

Lepacious Bose,the comedienne has shared a post of something i have always talked to my friends about.Basically Lepacious Bose who has been undergoing a great transformation with her weight loss,unleashed thoughts on her mind.She talked about this generation who don't read,unlike her generations who were always reading novels, and saying it was like a competition amongst them to see who can finish first etc.Lepacious Bose says this generation don't read and you won't even see a novel in their hands.But they know all the news on the internet,they know what Kim Kardashian is wearing and the colour of her room but not what is happening with ISIS or what state is preparing for election in Nigeria currently.I will go even further than Lepacious Bose.

Not only don't they read,they can't spell,their English is terrible,they can't construct a sentence and some times when i hear a graduate speak or see them write on social media,my heart really bleeds.
The internet is a fantastic medium,i wish we had it in my time.You can learn about anything on the net.I wish this generation will use it for that and not just to see who is dating who or who Nicki Minaj is sleeping with!
Anyways,see what Lepacious had to say after the cut..


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