Saturday, 19 September 2015

MissGinakas Nigerian instagram girl exposed for lying about father's house!

I don't know why these people do these things,why lie about someone elses house saying its your fathers?This is becoming a big trend in the world today with people not satisfied with their own and trying to claim other people's glory.
MissGinakas last week posted this picture you see above on her IG page and said it was
her parents' house. As usual, she thought she had gotten away with the lie. But unknown to her, the person that owns the house, Dan Etete, a Minister of Petroleum under Gen. Abacha, has a son on Instagram ie Nigerian singer, David Kosowei Etete a.k.a P.R.E.

PRE's attention was drawn to Miss Ginakas' picture and claim and he couldn't believe his eyes. Immediately, he put the hot chick on blast. To make matters worse, PRE notified his friend, Davido and Specialspesh about Gina's claims and they all had a good laugh at her fake life. Miss Ginakas has since deleted the picture but the torment is on. PRE's posts continue after the cut.

MissGinakas Nigerian instagram girl


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