Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Oh my God what happened to Omotola Jalade's stomach???

Omotola Jalade style.Omosexy, is that you??? Oh my Lawdy! Whatever happened to her stomach? I remember in so many pictures how people always talked about her stomach.I also remember the white outfit she wore to the grammies,it wasn't very flattering and her stomach was not in the best shape.But she looks the truth here1 Look at that mid section! And she knows it! Have you ever seen Omosexy wear something like this? A cropped top showing her stomach? I haven't! But girl friend knows she is looking sick! As in good i mean(lol) her stomach is super toned! She must have been working out and not starving herself,cos she looks like the next girl on the street and not super thin..i'm impressed,i love it! Omosexy is looking good indeed.

This is a really beautiful picture and that outfit she is wearing looks divine as well.She was at the Elite Model Look 2015.
There are more pictures after the cut..

While we are at that,is she still an actress? I don't know about you,but i haven't seen the Nollywood super star in a movie in yonks!


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