Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Outcry &disgust as Pastor Adeboye buys new $65m jet!

Pastor Adeboye and his private jet.
Yesterday, it was revealed that the man of God bought himself a brand new US-registered jet, N730EA Gulfstream G550 luxury jet valued at $65m for his personally owned Emmanuel Aviation. 
How can you call yourself a man of God and buy a $65m jet plane? When people are dying and need of food,health care and school fees?Its the most selfish and greedy thing any so called man of God can do! But they are all like that.They all dream of buying a private jet! Some people as well as the pastors come up with stupid and silly arguments like,the pastors have to travel round the world and its easier.Rubbish,many many people travel round the world and they haven't got private jets.They
also say things like it avoids all the problems of hanging round airpotrts.So the men of God are too special to hang around Airports like the rest of us?
$65m?? Do you know how many Nigerians that money can send to University and pay their tuition? Redeemed church have a University.It should be a free University,but no,its one of the most expensive Universities in Africa,if not the world.This is part of the money Adeboye has used in buying a private jet!
So many people have died because of poor medical facilities,yet he buys a jet for $65m.Imagine if they built a world class hospital and made it free for the elderly and children under the ages of 10.Isn't this more rewarding than a stupid private jet?
Even if they have a hospital already,what stops them from having 2 ,3 4?
And i don't understand all this travelling.All these countries you travel to,there are pastors there.Why the need to travel so much like a pop star? There are 160 million people in Nigeria,has the pastor covered all these people,that he needs to spend so much time outside the country? I really think the churches and these pastors should be probed and the whole thing stinks!
Adeboye does not fool me .

This is what Bisi Alimi wrote on his Facebook page  to blast the Redeemed Church of God pastor. He said: “ Adeboye is an epitome of greed, corruption and everything bad that has enslaved Nigerians, not just at home but globally. 
This greedy man of GOSH is parasite that lives on the poverty of his church members. Nigeria has one of the highest rate of youth unemployment in the world. Nigeria health service is in a sorry state. Here we have a supposedly “MAN OF GOSH” living fat on the vulnerability of his members.
This man, now has one of his pastors as the Vice President of Nigeria. The separation of church from the state in Nigeria is like trying to separate gin from lemonade. I know this post will attract some hate and bigotry, but if you can be honest with yourself and face the truth instead of acting like the “idiots” some of you are good at acting.

How has religion and men of GOSH improved the quality of life (I meant quality and not standard) of everyone of you? Still you will go to church on Sunday, give your widow’s mite to these thieves in the night that only come to destroy your essence as human being and they in turn will use your money to build houses you can’t rent. .
Schools you can’t attend, hospitals you can’t pay for and planes that you will never be close enough to take a selfie with not to even talk of getting on board. Wake up NIGERIANS from your sleep and slumber, see these greedy, arrogant and sly men for who are they. .

Take a week and not go to church, turn that energy to question everything you know. Take it to know something you don’t know before. Switch off from everything you have been taught and open your mind eyes. Don’t be deceived, these men are after your money and not the goodness of mankind.”
Unfortunately,all Bisi Alimi's warning will go into deaf ears.These people will not learn.The next thing some of them will start to curse you for touching his anointed.Such rubbish!

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    I just want to let you know you're doing a good job. This is totally unrelated to the post but I felt the need to say it before I forget. I do not have time to surf the web daily and follow all the going ons in the world but I am always in the know because of your stories on my Facebook feeds, they come in hot along with your own spin on them which makes them interesting. I may not always agree with your views as I am a bit conservative, but I respect them. Keep up with your good work!

    P.s. "His" name is Bruce! Hahahahahaha