Monday, 21 September 2015

Pls laugh with me as 1,500 Islam Clerics are asked to pray for Saraki.

Bukola Saraki assets declaration takes an interesting twist.This is one of the funniest headlines i have ever seen or read! This is what religion does to some people.They see religion in the wrong way entirely.A man has been charged for wrong doing,even the God you are praying to guards against wrong doing.So you are now praying to this same God to twist the truth and prevent the truth? I am baffled,but then again i am not.After all even armed robbers pray to God not to get caught! If Saraki is guilty,should God not expose him? Why hire clerics to pray for him if he has done wrong? It really is
funny.Personally my own view is this,if Saraki is innocent,let him be set free in the tribunal,if he is guilty,let him be punished.It is very simple.No need praying to God over that.So the news of Supporters and loyalists of the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki have engaged in vigil and fasting is just a waste of time really.

According to the Punch Newspaper,One of the conveners of the prayers, Mr. Kayode Yusuf, who is popularly called ‘Maja,’ in an interview with our correspondent in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital on Saturday, said prayer sessions were being held all over the state, especially in the Ilorin metropolis.
He said he had mobilised over 500 Muslim clerics while about 1,000, including the Chief Iman of Ilorin, Mohammad Solihu were praying in different areas in the state for Saraki’s victory.
“Yusuf, who is the convener of ‘Maja Elders Forum’, called on President Buhari to intervene and prevent the polity from being over-heated.He expressed the hope that Bukola Saraki’s travail would soon be over.Yusuf said,

 “We in Kwara are powerless. The only thing we can do is to support him (Saraki) with prayers. We have no money, soldiers, police or any other security apparatus. We are just ordinary citizens of Kwara and Nigeria. But we in Kwara, especially in Ilorin, believe in the power of prayers.
“All of us in Ilorin, including the Chief Imam of Ilorin, are involved in the prayers. Saraki is our leader. He must not come down. Within the short time that he was elevated as the Senate President, we know what we have benefited from him.
“I have mobilised more than 500 Imans and over 1,000 others are praying in different areas. They have been praying and fasting. Even the women are praying for him. Saraki is our benefactor. Even the uneducated do not want anything to happen to Bukola Saraki. They are not sleeping but are also praying. The prayers will last till Saraki’s ordeal is over.”

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