Thursday, 24 September 2015

Road block in Maidenhead Berkshire UK as 2 drivers refuse to give way!

Road rage UK showed its ugly face again when two motorists went at it head to head. .
How often do we see this happening? 2 cars coming in opposite directions on a narrow road,one refuses to stop so the other can get through.Before you know it,there is a pile of cars behind these 2 stubborn drivers! That was the scenario in Maidenhead Berkshire on Wednesday 23rd Sept.An old man was driving a silver Mercedes,while a woman was driving another Mercedes but a convertible.They were coming at opposite directions and almost
drove straight into each other.
This traffic stand off between the two drivers on the Maidenhead ,Berkshire road went on for 40 minutes!

Appeals after appeals and the two stubborn head drivers refused to budge. Eventually after 40 minutes,other drivers and passers by were able to convince the old man in the grey Mercedes to reverse,and so it all came to an end.Who says women drivers are not as stubborn as men?
Thankfully this road rage was a pretty tame one compared to others witnessed in the UK in particular.No one was hurt,no properties damaged and no lives lost...just another day in paradise!


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