Friday, 18 September 2015

Sad case of gorilla in German Zoo who lost a 1 week old child and won't let it go!

Gorilla from Shira Frankfurt Zoo

Very moving story of a gorilla from Shira Frankfurt Zoo in Germany.The Gorilla lost her child only 1 week after its birth. The Gorilla could be seen walking frantically through her cage at, desperate for her dead baby to wake up.These gorillas are so smart,they are practically humans with their ways and their feelings.So you can imagine the agony of a mother losing a child after only 1 week!
Grief is written all over her face as she carries her, cuddles her and sometimes shakes
But her baby died after a week and she doesn't understand why. At night she lays the dead gorilla across her stomach and wakes up with the same perplexed look on her face when her baby doesn't stir.

Zoo director Prof. Manfred Niekisch said; 'Last Thursday she was OK in the morning but in the afternoon she suddenly and without warning died. We have as yet no idea what caused it.'

 Eventually, she let go of the corpse of her baby and the zookeepers took the body for autopsy.

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