Monday, 21 September 2015

Sad story of Husband and wife killed by Policeman Musiliu for failing to give bribe.

Corporal Aremu Musiliu, 28, who opened fire on a couple in Ijegun, Alimosho, Lagos State on Wednesday killing them for refusing to give him a bribe, has been dismissed from the force by the Lagos State Police Command. He was arraigned on Friday before an
Ebute Meta Chief Magistrate’s Court on two counts of murder and causing grievous body harm.
Musiliu and some other policemen had mounted a checkpoint on Wednesday at the Obalagbe bus
stop, Ijegun Road. They’re reportedly extorting some tricycle operators in the area, when the victims, Mr. Godwin Ekpo and his wife, Idongesit, were returning from a church programme in their tricycle. Godwin was said to have refused to give them the N200 they demanded.
He drove of angrily after giving Musiliu N50. Corporal Musiliu then opened fire on the tricycle. . 3 days earlier, Corporal Musiliu was said to have broken the skull of a commercial motorcyclist with the butt of his gun for not giving him N50. Two weeks earlier, he allegedly sprayed tear-gas on some tricycle operators for refusing to bribe him.
In an interview, Musiliu however said he never intended of kill Idongesit who was nursing an 11-month-old baby. He said he wanted to shoot the tyre of the tricycle but the bullet ricocheted off the floor and hit Idongesit and her husband. Narrating what happened, one of the children, Blessing, 9, said in tears “My mummy was killed by the policeman.
We were all in the keke when we heard the gun shot. Immediately, my mummy fell down. My elder sister was screaming, calling for help. I was the only one that went and held one of the policemen by the trouser. I was shouting at the top of my voice that ‘you people have killed my mummy. Come and take my mummy to the hospital.” She burst into tears while trying to talk……Sadly,in an update,The tricycle driver whose wife was shot to death on Wednesday by the police in Alimosho has also sadly succumbed to death. The couple were both shot but the man made it to the hospital but sadly lost the battle 3 days after.So effectively,policeman Musiliu has killed both husband and wife and left their children as orphans!

According to his brother, the man died this morning at a Lagos hospital where they have been battling to save his life.


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