Sunday, 20 September 2015

50 senators converge to deal with cabal plotting against Saraki.

About 50 Senators cutting across different political parties in the senate, convened an emergency meeting in Abuja yesterday September 19th where they discussed the Code of Conduct Tribunal's invitation to Senate President Bukola Saraki over his alleged false declaration of assets.
These men are absolutely disgusting in the ir quest! But why i'm i surprised? They are all corrupt,every single one of them and are probably scared that if they could get Saraki on corruption charges,it could be them tomorrow.Otherwise,why all the uproar? Saraki has been asked to come to a tribunal to explain himself,he has not been sentenced to death! My opinion is this,is Saraki guilty? Is he corrupt and did he lie
about his declaration? If the answer to all these is yes,then the man should go to jail,simple.Does not matter who is out to get him or not,its a case of is he guilty or not!

If you can't try a guilty or corrupt man,then how are you going to fight corruption? That question is for the senators who say they support Buhari's corruption fight.They support it,as long as its not them or Saraki being tried.
Daily Trust reports that the senators at the meeting exonerated President Buhari of being behind the current crisis facing the senate President but accused "a cabal" within the presidency who they say is instigating the government institutions against Senate President Saraki.

Rising from the meeting which lasted for about 4 hours with some senators joining the meeting via telephone, the convener of the meeting, Senator Bala Ibn Na’Allah said they had unanimously resolved to support the anti-corruption war of President Buhari and also to deal decisively with the cabal

“We have resolved to use all available powers under the constitution to ensure that no cabal exists and run the government on behalf of Buhari and we have also resolved to deal decisively with the cabal,” he said.
Also another senator who spoke on the condition of anonymity after the meeting said
"Our colleagues were angry at the beginning of the meeting because they were initially suspecting that the President has hand in the trial of Saraki. But after heated debate, they understood that Buhari was not responsible for it. One of our colleagues present at the meeting suggested that the Senate should reconvene on Monday [tomorrow] in order to address the challenge. His suggestion, however, did not see the light of day as we resolved to use other channels to address the challenge.”.

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