Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Saraki says he is being tried because he is Senate President.

Senator Bukola Saraki says he is being tried at the Code of Conduct Tribunal because he is the Senate President. In a personal statement he signed yesterday September 22nd, Saraki said
"I reiterate my belief that the only reason while I am going through this trial is because I am senate president. If I were to be just a senator, I doubt if anybody will be interested in the asset declaration form I filled over twelve years ago".

These people have no clue.What they have to understand is,it doesn't matter how long a crime is
committed.There must be accountability and the law should or better to say MUST always take its course.Impunity has been the other of the day in Nigeria for too many years and its time it is brought to an end! 

The question for Saraki should not be why are they trying you or why are you on trial? It should be ,i'm i a guilty man? I think every Nigerian knows the answer to that question.


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