Saturday, 12 September 2015

Secret of Caitlyn Jenner's smooth face? She had beard removed in 80s!

Caitlyn jenner image

Caitlyn Jenner beard  
Even as a man, Caitlyn Jenner's face was as smooth as a baby's ...In a new revelation, she says she had her beards removed in the 80's.Sharing beauty tips on a video posted on Whosay,she said..

"Has my skin changed since I've transitioned? It certainly has.Back in the 80s I had my beard removed which actually took a lot of volume right out of this area," That has got better throughout the years, which is good."I never had a makeup artist. I always did my own makeup until I started shooting the show"I have kept to it now because, you know, it's television. You want to look good.

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