Saturday, 19 September 2015

Why Basketmouth blacklisted Sean Tizzle from his shows!

Ace comedian Basketmouth has finally revealed why he severed ties with Nigerian artist, Sean Tizzle. Basketmouth made the astonishing revelation during an interview with HipTV on Tuesday. He said he helped Sean Tizzle with about three shows in December, 2014 but 
when he called him for a gig a few months after, Tizzle charged
him a ridiculous amount of money.
His words: “I called on Sean Tizzle and he was charging me a certain amount of money. I didn’t know if it was him or his management that charged me, but I don’t care, I had to tell my team to blacklist his name on any of my shows. I called on Olamide who is even a more buzzing act, and he said I can pay him anything I feel like, and he didn’t even ask of his money until way after the show before I paid him.”…..
I think that was a bit harsh on Basketmouth's part though,maybe it was his management like he suggested,he should have tried to get through to Sean Tizzle and make sure he knows about this.At the same time,surely Sean Tizzles's management must have known that Basketmouth got them 4 shows,is that how you pay back a favour? People are just so greedy and myopic when it comes to money.Well done Olamide,that was an impressive gesture.

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