Monday, 19 October 2015

60 Pictures inside the N500m Linda Ikeji Mansion Banana Island

So by now the whole world surely knows about the Linda Ikeji mansion.It has been constantly a talking point among Nigerians and Africans.Personally,i was not too surprised at how much she is worth,well we don't know how much she is actually worth, but we know the new house is worth over N500m!

Anyone who knows how much properties goes for in Banana Island,won't argue.There was the case of the guy who said online that anyone who believed Linda Ikeji house  really did cost N450m should
go back to school! The blogger promptly came on board and corrected him,she said her house was not N450m but well over N500m! She also promised to invite him to the house opening.Oh,she also told him it was not mortgaged,she bought the new house with cash! All payed for!

Looks amazing at night...

Moving on.the interior of the house is just mad! My favourite places in her house are the kitchen,the bathroom and Linda's bedroom.The bedroom is ridiculous though,have you seen the size?
The living room looks like a football field.At this rate,Nigeria's favourite blogger might have to install microphones in her mansion so they can talk to each

And you can see everything going on outside since most of the rooms are glass rooms,i'm sure she will be getting big curtains to cover up though,or else she will be doing a Maheeda.

Girlfriend has a huge swimming pool ,but she can't even swim,that's how you know you are rich,lol.

Check out the pictures of Linda's new house below...She also posted a message along with the pictures advising young girls not to sleep with men for money saying if they put their mind to it they can achieve anything.As usual she does a bit of showing off saying her shoes cost N200k!

Her Kitchen..i love.

That i can believe too..Anyone who follows her on social media will know she spends a fortune on shoes and bag..Oh i almost forgot,the house is gonna be a family home with her sister and brothers as well as parents living there.She then says when she gets married she will move out.
I don't believe that though,why buy a N500m house and move out in a couple of years or so? The blogger is 35 now,so maybe in two or 3 years she will hopefully get married.500 million is a bit steep for a house you only see yourself living in for 2 or 3 years don't you think?

The compound

Sitting room
It's a glass house so you can see everything that's happening outside...:-)
Still the sitting room

The pool area


Other side of the building...

The master suite...the bedroom. It's so big and she says "I don't even know how to decorate it"
Still Linda's bedroom. It has a lounge area...

Walk-in closet...her bags and shoes are so happy! :-)

The most grand part of the house is my luxury has a Jacuzzi, bathtub and shower...

 bathroom 2

The view from the Jacuzzi

Linda's parents looking around in amazement.

The kitchen is the blogger's mum favourite part of the house 


The house looks amazing at night,look at all those Harrods..
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