Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Are the 17 men arrested in Lekki Free Zone land fight Scapegoats?

A man has been killed which is unfortunate,but are these people being made scapegoats because they have no voice? 17 of them have been arrested for the death of  Managing Director of Lekki Worldwide Investment Limited, Mr. Tajudeen Disu,surely,they all didn't fire the gun that killed him did they? I hope the law takes its course and they do their thorough investigation and not just lock these men up indefinitely.It all looks like a power show to me here because a VIP had been killed.Would 17 suspects have been arrested if it had been one of them who died? Already these men are claiming two of them were killed
by the police,what is being done to that?
The 17 suspects were arraigned at the Chief Magistrate Court, Lagos State Judiciary, Botanical Gardens, Ebute Metta, Lagos.
 Tajudeen Disu died from injuries he sustained from irate villagers, who were protesting against what they called “forceful takeover” of their land at the Free Trade Zone area in Ibeju Lekki..
The villagers claimed that the police killed two of them in a bid to “forcefully takeover” the land on which Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote plans to build a refinery.
Things like these are very common when big corporations come and take land that belongs to lesser people,i'm not saying that is what is happening here,but this is what these men and villagers are claiming.Have they been compensated if you wanna take over their land? The world is not a fair place.

Meanwhile violence is not the answer,but they say an hungry man is an angry man,these men probably saw their past and their future as well as present being taken away forcefully and they fought back.Sadly nobody is fighting their own case.

Shame it had to come to these though,the family and wife of Mr Tajudeen Disu has lost their breadwinner,father and friend,two men have also died on the other side.Very sad,my heart goes out to all the families..RIP.


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