Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Chairman of Labour party says Buhari has nothing to offer Nigeria with list.

Nigeria ministerial list.
To a certain extent i can see what the labour party chairman is on about,some of the names on the list are indeed disappointing.I didn't expect to see Amaechi,Fayemi and to a certain extent Fashola's name on the list.Fashola's case is a bit of a controversial one,he was the golden boy of Nigerian politics,but since those corruption claims surfaced a month or 2 ago,it has left a bit of a stain on his name and reputation.But if you want to look at it on the
other side,you ask,why did Fashola's corrupt allegations come up conveniently a few weeks before the ministerial list? Was it a conspiracy or smear campaign to keep him off the list?

Knowing Buhari's lack of tolerance for corruption,i thought that would have been enough to exclude him,but alas not.Maybe Buhari knows something we don't.

Reacting to the list,the National Chairman of the Labour Party, Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsalam, says the ministerial nominees sent to the Senate by President Buhari for screening, shows that the president has nothing to offer Nigerians. According to him, Nigerian youths who voted en-mass for him have been shortchanged from the list
“For us in Labour Party, we do not see anything that resembles change as far as the ministerial team is concerned. Imagine bringing someone who served in the government of the late Sarduana of Sokoto to serve as minister in 2015. Buhari has nothing to offer Nigeria.
There is no promise of change at all. All these people are analogue persons who cannot bring about any change under the current dispensation. It is also very unfortunate that Nigerian youth who make up the greater percentage of our population and who voted for Buhari massively were not given their due share in the ministerial nomination,” he decried.

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