Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Comedian Baba Funky wears shorts at his wedding and shocks guests

Baba Funky wears shorts to wedding.

Baba Funky has indeed lived up to his name.The Nigerian comedian shocked wedding guests by wearing shorts to his wedding with his new wife Nelly.I have always loved those who dare to be different and go against the grain.But even i must say this took me by surprise,i don't think i have ever seen anyone wear shorts to their wedding,its a good thing Baba Funky has great legs,he must know this.
So is Baba Funky wedding gonna start a trend in Nigeria?Are people gonna start wearing the most unusual and unexpected things to their wedding?Hmm ,i think not,i think most people will still want to be traditional on their wedding day and wear the norm.It takes a really strong person to go against all that.You have so much to fight,your partner,families,friends and society.Baba Funky must be one hell of a strong guy to have damned all this,i guess the comedian in him came alive,cos thinking of this the first time must have made him burst out laughing.
The comedian and presenter wore shorts to his wedding to his girl Nelly on October 4th. More photos after the cut..

Baba Funky and wife Nelly at wedding

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