Thursday, 1 October 2015

Dele Momodu says Ministerial list rumours is suffocating him and his family!

Dele Momodu has reacted to rumours that he is on the Nigeria ministerial list.The Ovation boss said the speculation and rumours is suffocating and killing for him and his family.While replying to people on twitter,Momodu claimed he knows nothing of the ministerial list.He also says all campaigners cannot become ministers,while reacting to a tweet which says he campaigned so he deserves a ministerial slot.Another follower also said a lot of young people will be disappointed if the publisher was not on the list.Dele finally ended the speculation with a tweet that suggests deep down,he is hoping for a lot on the
Nigeria ministerial list when he said, we all pray for good news in our lives ,but only God knows best.

I reckon he knows for definite if he is on that list or not.He was a staunch campaigner for President Buhari and he personally invited him to Aso Rock for a closed door meeting.In that meeting,Buhari surely must have revealed to him if he wants him on his cabinet or not.I reckon at that meeting,Buhari asked Dele Momodu what ministry he will like to rule.We wait,but i will be shocked if he is not on that list when we find out the names on tuesday.

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