Saturday, 10 October 2015

Dino Melaye cruises Abuja street in classic Peugeot 404 car with Police escorts!

Dino Melaye cars are as famous as the man himself.The senator was seen in Maitama Abuja,yesterday in this classic vintage car,it looks like a 404 Peugeot to me,but i am not too sure,maybe our cars enthusiasts can help out on this one.Melaye had policemen escorts behind him while cruising the streets of Abuja in his new toys.Normally,what we are used to seeing is modern cars,he has all sorts in his garage,from Porsche's to a Lamborghini,Range Rover,Mercedes Benz,Thunderbird and on and on it goes.But the man has just shown us with his new toys that they are not his only preferences.He likes them rare and classical as well..More pictures of Dino melaye's vintage car after the cut..

Dino Melaye cars

So can anyone what tells us what make this Dino melaye vintage car is? I think it's a Peugeot 404,but i could be wrong.

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