Sunday, 18 October 2015

Jason Derulo in trouble for asking South Africans if they speak English

I am not really surprised at Jason Derulo's actions at the South African of the year awards.Americans can be very ignorant when it comes to other parts of the world.America as we all know is a vast place with different time zones.I have heard Americans ask questions such as London in the UK etc.They no concept of the world outside America,except those who travel regularly or those who have taken their time to educate themselves.So please my African brothers and sisters ,don't be upset if a spoilt and ignorant Pop star comes out with such statement as Derulo asking if South Africans speak English.I am not being patronizing to him when i say he really and truly believed these guys 

can't speak English.Even though he saw white people in the audience,its still Africa right,and surely Africans can't speak English can they? SMH..What amazes me is that Derulo must have come through the airport and spoken to custom men,what did they speak to him?Swahili? 
Anyway Jason Derulo who was the headline performer at the ANN7 South African of the Year Awards which held last night in Johannesburg got his fair share of flak from twitter,and i so laughed at his lame excuse which you can see above..even worse.He would have done better to keep quiet or just say he thought they had a National Language that was not English..check out some Derulo twitter English!


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