Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lamar Odom pictures in Love ranch spaced out before he slumped!

pictures of lamar odom in the ranch where he collapsed
Lamar will never be able to forget his moment of madness.Every part of his life and every step of his recovery will be documented publicly.
Some shocking photos  taken on Monday night inside the Love Ranch suite where  he romped with two prostitutes and consumed a mystery cocktail of drink and drugs have surfaced,surprise surprise.They were taken a day before he was found slumped and unresponsive,a condition which led to the Lamar Odom dead rumours.

The  pictures, obtained by Daily Mail Online, shows the 35-year-old siting barefooted on a couch, looking drained and disheveled.

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Seeing the pictures,Lamar Odom condition was obviously terrible and it really is not a surprise that it all ended in a coma and a hospital stay.Lamar can only be thankful that he survived this.From reports,it sounds like he will make a full recovery as well.The rumours we heard earlier was he will never be the same,there were even talk of brain damage.But i guess the fact that he was a sportsman who was in tip top condition,well,maybe not on that night but for most of his life he had been a sportsman.It definitely helped his fight and scale through his condition.

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