Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Lydia Forson in shoot out war with fans who criticized her dressing!

Linda Forson came firing on all fronts for this one! Damn! I never knew she could handle herself this much,but girl friend sure came blazing! Now here's the gist,Lydia wore this outfit that was slit all the way to her arm pits(lol) to an award show in Ghana,..I am sure you have seen the picture of the outfit on Lydia Forson instagram or some blog pages,if not,you will see it below.There were lots of talk about it on social media,mostly negative,and being human,this must have pissed Lydia Forson off real bad1 So when a fan went too far,she was ready and gave back more than she took,another fan came and she came back even stronger! Below is the interaction that took place between Forson and the fans...
The Slit skirt outfit Lydia Forson wore that drew criticism from fans.

Lydia Forson fights with fans online


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