Sunday, 18 October 2015

Nasir El Rufai tells those unhappy with appointments to climb Kufena Mountain and fall

I am really shocked at the remarks of Kaduna state Governor Nasir El Rufai over the appointments he made.
Words of mouth can be so powerful,if you meet a person for 10 minutes and you are a good observer and judge of character,you can more or less tell the can of person they are by their utterance.I am very worried by the utterance of the Nigerian leader who has been chosen to serve and lead the people.
Kaduna state governor, Nasir El Rufai yesterday said that all those who are not happy with the appointments he's made since becoming governor can go and climb Kufena Mountain and fall. El-Rufai expressed his anger during the question and answer session at
the 4th town hall meeting with stakeholders from Kaduna Central zone.I read this but i still can't believe my ears! Can you imagine this happening in America or Great Britain? You know that the public officer will be resigning or getting sacked first thing in the morning!
Kaduna Governor El Rufai's exact words to those who questioned his appointments were -
“If you are not happy with appointments made, you can go and climb Kufena Mountain and fall. It was what you voted that you got because we are aware that there are people who did not vote for us, in fact they worked against us. But now they claim to be APC members and loyal to the party. We know such people. And so there is no way they would expect anything from us. You didn’t vote us but you want appointments. What you will get is zero. It is politics and in whatever we do there is politics,” he said.

The Kufena Mountain in Kaduna.
I remember a couple of years ago when Governor Oshiomhole as well told a widow who sold goods on the roadside and had her goods seized by state officers to "Go and die" I mean this people are supposed to be servants to Nigerians,they obviously don't have that mind set,their approach is we are VIP's and you guys are nothing! It's very sad,but i don't think that mentality can ever leave my people or Africans.If it will,it won't be this generation anyway.
Gover Nasir El Rufai should offer a public apology for asking those not happy with his appointments to go and climb Kufena Mountain and fall,but will that happen in Nigeria of today? Well,my advice is don't hold your breath and don't stand anywhere near Mountain Kufena.

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