Saturday, 10 October 2015

Nigerian man arrested in Lagos trying to smuggle out $34k wrapped in pellets!

Nigerian man Ozoh Ikenna arrested in Lagos trying to smuggle out $34k wrapped in pellets!Nigerian man arrested in Lagos airport trying to smuggle out $34k wrapped in pellets!

Nigerian man arrested at airport trying to smuggle out $34,000 to Brazil in his boxer shots!
The new craze in Nigeria now really is this trend of trying to smuggle money out of the country in pellets shaped forms.It is the same way smugglers conceal drugs and swallow it to take out of the country or bring in.This time the man caught did not quite swallow the money,but instead concealed them in his boxer shots.The heat is obviously on and some people are panicking due to the Buhari administration clamp down on corruption.They are trying to get their loot out of the country.I am sure that for every one person arrested,5 must
have gone through with their plan.The man caught this time is Ozoh Ikenna,who was arrested yesterday October 9th at the International Wing of the Murtala Muhammed Air­port, Ikeja, Lagos, by men of the National Drug Law En­forcement Agency (NDLEA) as he tried to smuggle  23 wraps containing 34 thousand dollars out of the country. Ozoh was on his way to Brazil in an Etihad Airways flight, that would first stop at Abu Dhabi, when he was arrested after customs spotted the money, packed in wraps similar to narcotics and con­cealed in his boxer shorts, during screening of passengers.

Ogbo Emmanuel was the man who gave the $34,000 to Ikenna,he was also arrested.
Ogbo Emmanuel above was the man who gave the $34,000 to Ikenna,he was also arrested.
Speaking on the arrest, NDLEA Airport commander, Ah­madu Garba, told journalists
“The wraps of dollars found on Ozoh Ikenna were detected with the aid of a scanning machine. We also con­ducted a follow-up operation where one Ogbo Emmanuel (pictured above), who gave Ozoh the $34,000 dollars, was arrested,” the commander stated.
A rep of As­sets and Financial Investigation direc­torate Mrs Victoria Egbase said investigation conducted revealed that the suspects are involved in the laundering of substantial amount of illicit drug proceeds. 
“We were able to trace over N226,000,000 to one bank account belonging to the second suspect, Ogbo Emmanuel. The account name is Eter­nal God International Limited”.
Ozoh, in his statement, said that he was only a courier.
“I live in Brazil since 2008. I was paid to smuggle the $34,000 to Brazil. They promised to pay me five per cent. I agreed to smuggle the money to alleviate my financial hardship. I could not swallow the wraps so I de­cided to hide it in my underpants,” he said

That is the crazy thin,if the man is being honest,he was promised only $1,7000 from the $34,000. These men die for such little rewards promised,very sad.

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