Saturday, 24 October 2015

Obsessive David Beckham adds yet another tattoo to his busy body!

david beckham tattoos daughter harper's name

David Beckham Tattoos.
The way the football superstar is going on,there will not be an inch left on his body to add a tattoo to.Beckham's latest body art is a tattoo in honor of his daughter Harper.I remember he had one for her a while ago.He has been said to have obsessive compulsive behaviour.I think that explains his
obsession with these tattoos.

I love tattoos too and i have a couple,but perhaps he has taken his into another world,the only part of his body that has not been tattooed so far is his tongue! But seriously its only a matter of time before he finally has one on his face,his gotten closer enough as it is.The Harper tattoo which says pretty lady Harper is on his neck,as seen in this picture.

Already his arms ,chest and back are littered with tattoos,his neck has joined the fun,so what next for Mr golden balls?

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