Sunday, 18 October 2015

PDP accuses APC and label Buhari a dictator for prosecuting PDP members only

I would like to give Buhari and the APC a few more months and see where their corruption fight faces.Because make no bone of it,if by the end of next year,a single big name of APC has not been tried and convicted for corruption,the PDP's accusation of Buhari to be biased will have been totally justified.Its only been 4 or 5 months,so i will chill for now.But the PDP are in no chilling mode,cos the PDP has accused President Buhari of being the dictator he was alleged to have been while he was Nigeria's head of state in 1984. At a press conference in Abuja today October 18th, the national publicity secretary of PDP, Olisa
Metuh said the anti-corruption crusade by president Buhari and the APC has shown that it was an orchestrated plan targeted at PDP and its former governors.

He said while PDP governors were being arrested and questioned by EFCC, Former APC governors who have been accused of corruption are being nominated as Ministers. What he said after the cut...

"It is clearly manifest that the same dictatorial tendencies manifested during the military regime of 1984 is being presently applied in the polity in the attempt to discredit PDP members and weaken our great party ahead of 2019. The APC and its government have been busy denigrating the PDP and trying to appropriate our achievements, while at the same time blackmailing, hounding and harassing our elected members with the aim to cow and force them to leave the PDP and join their party. We have verifiable reports from our key members that agents of the APC have been approaching them to join the APC with threats to use the EFCC to victimize them should they refuse. The APC and its agents have been boasting that they have the powers to deal with or spare any person, depending on the party such person belongs to. This clearly explains why the so-called fight against corruption has been selective and focused against PDP members, despite counsels by stakeholders that it should be holistic and in accordance with the due process of the law. The best example of the curious nature of the war against corruption is the fact that former PDP governors and ministers are being hounded and arrested over apparently orchestrated petitions, while their APC counterparts, who have more damaging petitions are being nominated for ministerial positions. Even other APC former governors who have on-going corruption cases in court are being rewarded with APC tickets for the forthcoming governorship elections in Kogi and Bayelsa" he said

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