Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sasha Obama and her cute homecoming date take twitter by storm!

Sasha Obama and her homecoming date

Sasha Obama date.
I think Michelle Obama should seriously consider asking Obama to take a DNA test to ascertain who her daughter homecoming date really is! The two young loves look so alike they could be brother and sister.The two are currently setting twitter and social media alight with everyone gushing about how cute Sasha's date is and how cute and ordinary they both look together.
The 14 year old attended her homecoming party last night and is pictured above with her
date. Sasha and her date's Photo was leaked on Twitter moments ago by the guy's way too excited cousin.I guess Miss cousin was trying to get her own 15 minutes of fame too.She might get a visit from state security though,lol..see some comments below..


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