Thursday, 15 October 2015

So Alamiyeseigha built himself a luxurious Tomb but didn't build an Hospital.

Picture of  Alamiyeseigha Tomb where he was buried

This people are really something else.So Former Bayelsa state governor, Diepreye Alamiyeseigha built a tomb for himself before he died.And Governor Dickson of Bayelsa state and all his crew go and visit the tomb like it was Mandela or Gandhi's tomb.I just cannot understand these people,absolute no shame whatsoever.Buhari must be cringing in his seat.In a state like Bayelsa for example,how can you possibly fight corruption with such open nepotism?  Alamiyeseigha built himself a tomb but forgot to build himself a decent hospital.If these people knew they would not be able to travel abroad for treatment,do you think they would not have built the best hospitals while in power?More pictures of  Alamiyeseigha Tomb after the cut

Of cos they would have,the likes of  Alamiyeseigha ignored that cos the knew they would be travelling to the best hospitals all over the world.Well,Alams death has shown things don't always go the way you planned.You might have all the money in the world but not be able to spend it.Which is what happened to our dear ex Bayelsa governor and governor general Alams.Looking at this tomb,only the gods of the land knows how much this tomb cost.

 Photo credit: Sonny Neme


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