Saturday, 24 October 2015

Undefeated Champion Floyd Mayweather shows off his 22 title belts

Floyd mayweather and his 22 world title belts
Floyd Mayweather shows off his world title belts.All 22 of them.Very impressive.
The undefeated boxing champion who has won all 49 fights in his career,showed off his 22 title belts and captioned it"It took 19 years but they'll talk about it forever." 

Mayweather retired at just 38years old..But i am willingly to bet my bottom dollar that Mayweather will be fighting again.You see,Floyd is an insecure and extravagant guy.He also

loves attention,and when those three things are combined,they will prove to be too much from stopping Floyd Mayweather to get back in the ring.His insecurity will make him wanna prove one more time that he is still the best,the extravagant spending will sooner or later make him want more money and when that tempting offer of millions of dollars keep knocking at his door he will eventually open it!

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