Thursday, 26 November 2015

A young handsome Abubakar Audu before the bleaching of his skin.

Abubakar Audu young man photo.
This is a picture of the younger Prince Abubakar Audu,who died on the 22nd of November.The ex Kogi state governor looks so young and handsome here.Also the chocolate skin is apparent,unlike the very light skinned Abubakar we all came to know.I had often wondered if the man was naturally fair or bleached.I came to
the conclusion he was a fair man who maybe used some slight artificial means to maintain his skin tone.But i really was shocked when i saw how dark he was naturally.Audu died at the age of 68.Prince Abubakar did a lot of his studying in the United Kingdom,and from what i can see of the background of this picture,it must have been taken in the 80s in the UK in a public booth that was usually placed in train stations


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