Monday, 23 November 2015

Biafra activist Nnamdi Kanu appears in Abuja court with jubilant supporters


Nnamdi Kanu appears in court
Nnamdi Kanu,the pro Biafra activist today appeared at the Abuja Chief Magistrate Court to answer charges against him.There had been some rumours going round that Kanu was dead.But his appearance today assured his supporters who had stormed the court in droves to show their support to him as he was arraigned today November 23rd. The Radio Biafra champion,had lost weight when he appeared today,he also looked rather unkempt as he had obviously been unable to groom himself and shave.  See more photos after the cut..

biafra pro activist nnamdi kanu in court
radio Biafra nnamdi kanu appears in court
photo of nnamdi kanu in courtnnamdi kanu arraigned before abuja court
nnamdi kanu and supporters in abuja courtnnamdi kanu salutes supporters outside abuja court
Radio biafra's nnamdi kanu appears before abuja court
nnamdi kanu arrives at abuja courtfans of nnamdi kanu at abuja courtsupporters of nnamdi kanu outside abuja courtbiafra supporters outside court to see nnamdi kanu
nnadi kanu supporters outside the court roomimages of nnamdi kanu supporters outside abuja courtphotos of biafra and nnamdi kanu supporterspictures of nnamdi kanu supporters outside the court in abuja

Photo credit: Sahara Reporters...

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