Saturday, 28 November 2015

Brad Pitt reveals why he became an atheist

Celebrities who don't believe in God.
One of the most famous atheists in the world is probably Brad Pitt.But did you know he was raised in a strict baptist home?
Brad has revealed he is an atheist, having rejected his strict Christian upbringing.The 51 year old who was raised in a Southern Baptist household  revealed he turned his back on religion due to his father's strictness‘with all the Christian guilt about what you should and shouldn’t do’. Speaking of his father, who ran a trucking company, Pitt said that despite the
strict parenting style, he also had a kinder side. 
He told The Telegraph Magazine

 ‘[My father] could be a softie. But one thing my folks always stressed was being capable, doing things for yourself. He was really big on integrity – and that informed a lot of what [we] try to do now.’
Pitt said he has a different approach to discipline for his sons and daughters. He said:

‘I am [a disciplinarian] with the boys. Girls do no wrong so I don’t have to be. I feel like my jobs is to show them around, help them find what they want to do with their life, put as many things in front of them, and pull them back when they get out of line, so they know who they are.’

In contrast to Pitt, his wife Angelina Jolie ,40 does have faith in a higher power. She told People Magazine last year:
‘When there is an obstacle, you have to rise to the challenge, not be overwhelmed by it. And we’re not alone in the world. I don’t know if there’s a name for that – religion or faith – just that there’s something greater than all of us, and it’s uniting and beautiful.’

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