Sunday, 29 November 2015

Singer Adele's Hot bodyguard gets the women all steamed up!(photos)

A new hunk appears to be evolving close to the singer.Peter Van Der Veen is a former bodybuilder who was crowned Mr Europe in 2005 & has previously worked for lady gaga and Iggy Azalea. He's currently Adele's bodyguard. The chiseled Adonis has been the recipient of many flirtatious hellos from excited fans on social media. It started after fashion blogger Bryanboy pointed out that he was quite good looking.There seem to be a kind of special connection with bodyguards and their female subjects,we have had Serena Williams date a bodyguard,there were rumours of an affair with Beyonce and her bodyguard.We of cos all saw the Whitney Houston movie,Bodyguard
A twitter user who was very impressed by Adele's bodyguard tweeted: 'Adele is breaking records all over but there is a section of people keeping an eye on her bodyguard coz he's kinda hot.'

More pictures of Adele's hunky bodyguard below...


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