Monday, 7 December 2015

Apostle Suleman says God Told him more Nigerians will die!

Apostle johnson Suleman predictions

Some of these so called Pastors are really stupid.Imagine this deluded man saying the bombings in Nigeria won't stop cos God told him it was not yet time for it to stop.So God wanted all those people are more to come killed right? To achieve what?I just cannot believe some people actually sit down and listen to some of these jokers preach to them.
Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder of Omega Fire and Miracles Ministries, based in
Auchi, Edo State in a new chat with Vanguard explained how he predicted Late Audu Abubakar’s death, that of mama Awolowo, a plane crash and many more. He said he told people that fresh bombings will resume in Borno State, but a lot of people felt with the coming of President Buhari it will stop, but he told them no, it won’t stop because God says it is not yet time.

Apart from evangelising around the world, you are also noted for fore-telling events. Among the several you have foretold, can you tell us few?

I want to start with the latest, and that was the death of Abubakar Audu in the Kogi State election. I was at a crusade in our Houston Texas branch on November 7, 2015, when God revealed to me that a popular politician in Nigeria could die in the middle of an election. I told the nation. Continue...

Then there was the event on September 20, 2015 when I said I saw that there was going to be fresh bombings in Borno and I asked Nigerians to go into prayer. Many had believed that with the coming of President Muhammadu Buhari to power, the Boko Haram bombings were going to stop but God said not yet. Also, on Sunday October 25, 2015, I told the world that I saw an aircraft of a foreign nation crashing with no casualty. That later happened to be Dynamic Airways which caught fire but no life was lost. All the events where these prophecies were announced were aired live on our ministry’s Celebration TV. On May 29, 2015, God spoke through me and I said it that the Buhari government would fight churches. Not long after, the Kaduna State governor, El-Rufai, shut down a church in Kaduna.

This particular warning was repeated on August 28 and September 6, 2015. On June 26 and July 6, 2015, I foresaw fire outbreak and buildings collapse in Lagos, which came to pass. On that same June 26, I warned of an inferno at Onitsha market, which also came to pass, because people ignored these warnings and refused to seek God’s face over them. 

 Also, I’m the first man of God that foresaw the demise of Chief (Mrs.) HID Awolowo. During the September Fire and Miracle Night, I did warn of the impending death of a prominent female figure that will touch the nation.

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