Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Linda Ikeji says i am worth more than 5 million dollars!

Linda Ikeji net worth.
Linda Ikeji net worth.
So Nigeria and Africa's biggest and most popular blogger Linda Ikeji keeps getting richer and bigger.How much is Linda Ikeji's net worth though?Her latest revelation that she's worth more that 5 million dollars is sure going to generate even more discussion on social media and everyday life.With Linda there is no half measures.You either think she is an inspiration and doing great things or you think she is a liar who got her money from blackmailing people and politicians.
Personally i have never doubted Linda Ikeji's wealth source of income.I am in the business and know very well how big you can become if certain things in blogging falls into place.All
those things are firmly in place for Linda Ikeji.

Linda Ikeji generates as much controversy as her blog generates readers! The most popular and successful blogger in Africa has been through it all in such a short space of time and it keeps coming.From having her blog shut down by google ,before being reinstated,to stories of her making up that particular saa with a friend so as to have more readers,to being accused of plagiarism,to the outcry when she bought her Range Rover and the biggest of all the acquiring of her N500m house in Banana Island! 
And oh,the latest was the new rumour that a politician payed for the mansion,Linda came out to refute this story thankfully.

Linda Ikeji money.

Linda Ikeji house.

Linda Ikeji before the millions...

Linda Ikeji cars.

I don't know what pleasure people get from trying to bring someone down.Now the latest revelations of Linda that she is worth more than $5m will get people talking even more.Here is how Linda made the revelation to her teeming readers...

I know buying a house for that amount in such a place confused a lot of people. Many didn't believe I could afford it...and to be honest, I don't blame them. If I were them, I'd have my doubts too. If you don't understand how this internet business works, you would never get how a blogger can afford it. But let's put it this way...Perez Hilton, who is the biggest blogger in the US is worth over $30million (Google it). He started blogging in 2005, just a year before I started blogging in 2006... and I am supposed to be the biggest blogger in Africa. Would it not be a shame if I'm not worth even $5million? Lol...especially when 90% of the companies in Nigeria who advertise online, advertise on LIB!

Linda sure is an inspiration and so many upcoming bloggers have been influenced by her success,Ladun Liadi,Stella Dimokokorkus,Miss petite Nigeria,Lailas Blog and your truly for example, my favourite part of her latest revelations was when she talked about the pride in her father due to her success,hear her:

In 2013, I built a big house for my parents in our village in Nkwerre, Imo state. I also provided borehole/water for people in my father's community who haven't had water in years. My father was eventually made a chief, a street was named after him and recently an inter-house Sport was named after him. All these was to show their appreciation for what I and my dad did for them.

My dad, who is 72, looked at me one day and said 'If I die today, I will die a happy man. Thank You!' It brought tears to my eyes, and for the first time in my life, I felt I'd really accomplished something. To see that joy and pride in a parent's eye...there's nothing like it! 

Oh,and thats not all.Linda Ikeji says she wants a private jet and wants to become the first billionaire blogger.At this rate ,are you gonna doubt her?

By Queen Olofofo.

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