Thursday, 3 December 2015

How Rapper 2Shotz beating wife constantly led to end of marriage!

2Shotz beats wife
Nigerian rapper 2Shotz has been accused by his wife Precious Jones of domestic violence.
The irony of this is that,when the couple first started dating,Beverley Osu accused 2Shotz of hitting her while they were dating,but 2Shotz denied this and his wife precious firmly defended him saying 2Shotz was not that kind of man to hit a woman.I guess she has found out now in the hard way.The wife actually cursed out Beverley calling her all sorts of names.But she said one interesting thing,she said nothing is hidden for ever,that statement has now come to bite her in the ass! But i cannot really blame Precious too much.She was in love and her husband had never laid a hand on her as of that time,so what else would she say except defend her hubby 2Shotz?
Here are the tweets of Precious at the time she called Beverley Osu a liar below...

And here is 2shotz reply to the allegations,you can tell by the amount of grammar involved that he was lying through his beards!

In a series of leaked WhatsApp messages between the rapper's wife and her friend which has gone viral, she narrates how the rapper beat on her constantly, slapped his daughter

and called her a whore.

According to the messages, 2Shotz started becoming violent last year when he pushed his wife to the ground when she was in so much pain from a medical condition. Things got worse this year when he slapped her after he called her a whore in front of their daughter.

In the chat, she revealed that 2Shotz is not making any income and she is the one who has been footing his bills. 2 Shotz allegedly also said that he wants Precious Jones to be a 'furniture wife' who will just go out to events and not talk. She said 2shotz accused her of being behind his career failure after he had gone to see a prophet.

She also claims that the award winning rapper has not paid her bride price even though they have been married for over two years and at 2Shotz threatened to release their s.ex tape

Read the chats after the cut


2Shotz wife also wrote an open letter to her children apologizing to them.If you ask me,i think that is over dramatic.Why write an open letter exposing all that? Makes me think the chats were not leaked then,they were put out there by Precious herself...see the open letter to her children below...


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