Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Ramsey Noah on how he lived on Lagos streets before fame and success

Who would have thought Nollywood actor, Ramsey Noah once lived on the streets of Lagos and begged for food?Personally i am a bit sceptical of this revelation and think maybe the actor has embellished the facts a little bit to make for a happy ending story,but then again i could be very wrong.I just cannot seem to imagine the well spoken Ramsey in
that situation. But the Nollywood heart throb has spoken on his experiences growing up, including having to live under bridges and beg for food in Lagos.   

The actor who can now be classified as veteran, has had very bad experiences before he got to stardom, experiences that were painful and distressing, making sure that he has now tasted two sides of the coin. The Nollywood ‘lover boy’ said his journey to stardom proves that there is no shortcut to success but through hard work and determination. In a chat with Stargist, the handsome actor recalled how he once lived under the bridge while growing up with his mother. “I lived on the streets and in a store which could accommodate a mat with my mother.

Ramsey Noah and wife.

My mother and I squeezed ourselves in that mat. “Those were the times when things got really bad for my mother and I and we had nothing. It was so bad that we didn’t have a home to live in. We didn’t even have a cup to drink water, talk more of a stove to cook on. My mother had to borrow, beg and stuff like that. “Those moments, those terrible moments we had nothing and we were living off people. People were just helping us out. There were times we didn’t have food to eat three or four days. You haven’t eaten and your stomach is rumbling but you don’t have any place to go. “It was unfortunate that there were no records so that we can have memories we could play back now. 

To me, I am so extremely grateful that I went through it. At that time, I hated everybody around me. In fact, I used to question why God was doing this to me. But I think God knew that I needed this for my future”. The father of two added: “These were moments when I was young. I didn’t realise the gravity of poverty we were in” . There have been far more appalling success stories but it never makes the experience any easier to forget, but makes one appreciate the present even more. Noah has now qualified for this with his perseverance and grit.

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