Friday, 4 July 2014

Chibok girls are apparently being assaulted and shot by Boko Haram

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The Borno Senator who made the allegations that the Chibok girls were assaulted,shot and videoed.

The captured Chibok girls are apparently being assaulted and shot by Boko Haram according to Senator Ahmed Zanna, who represents Borno Central in the Senate. He made these allegations while he was a guest on Sahara TV . He said over 500 women, including the Chibok girls, have so far been abducted and "some of the girls have been abused and shot at on camera". What he said below... 
"Actually the information I am getting, some of them are very disturbing. Although I don't want to mention but they are just abusing the girls you know in camera and even showing them on video, releasing it to the public. 

So disturbing. Although I didn't see the video, but the person who narrated to me said he had the video and he was narrating to me, look at the situation and then the other scenario is that the Boko Haram are now out of fund, they are not getting enough food, so they are going from one village to another, taking the little the villagers have and going away and infact most of the villagers are now out and have moved out of their villages and have moved to cities and gone into neighboring countries. So more or less they don't have any chance of getting food so I don't know what they are going to do if food is not available. Are they going to sacrifice to give it to the Chibok girls? And then the other information I have is because you know the kidnap is a continuous process which they have been doing before the 200 and after the 200. So in their possession there are up to 500 or over 500 women who are been taken from the streets, on the main roads where they are traveling or go to the villages and collect them or you know all kinds of abductions"
But where are these video's?In this day and age of technology shouldn't they have found their way into the Nigerian domain?This whole Chibok affair is confusing,you don't know what information to believe. But i definitely can believe that random women are being captured on the streets,These men will not survive without women to cook for them and for them to carry out chores for them.

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