Friday, 4 July 2014

Australian star Rolf Harris gets 5years 9months jail sentence

Rolf  Harris being escorted to court by wife.
Australian star and British television favourite Rolf Harris has been jailed for 5 years and 9 months by a British judge for sex crimes.Rolf Harris had been found guilty for having abusive relationships with underage girls and indecent assaults on other women.
Harris had denied all charges but was found guilty unanimously on all 12 charges brought against him.Rolf Harris could have gotten more prison time but the judge considered he was in his 80s,was not of good health and was also the sole carer for his wife.
Rolf Harris was supposed to have shown no emotion as he was being sentenced and just stared into
space.The judge said he had shown no emotions or remorse and had destroyed himself,but had no one to blame but himself.The judge praised the bravery of the women who had come forward in the Rolf Harris case.
Rolf Harris' frail wife did not turn up in court today.84 year old Rolf Harris was escorted to court by two of his own bouncers.
Rolf Harris is expected to serve 3 years in prison before he is released on licence.Harris will also be added to the sex offenders list.

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