How Landlords Children cut of tennants Scrotum in Lagos!

How Landlords Children cut of tennants Scrotum in Lagos!

Yinka Offehin in hospital after scrotum was cut off by Landlords children.
Yinka Offehin in hospital after scrotum was cut off by Landlords children.

Another day another crazy story out of the shores of Naija.A man had his scrotum cut off by his landlords children! First of all i find the term children funny in this situation,these guys are grown men not 12 years old.Secondly why his scrotum?What the hell were they trying to achieve with that and how did that happen? Did they hold him down?The story is at best very
strange.And he managed to hold down one of the suspects till morning.With a scrotum that had been cut off?He must be Superman! Iron man sef..
And the funniest part of all is the father of the suspect who happens to be a pastor,saying they should leave everything to typical of Nigerian's.After doing their evil deeds,they wanna leave it all to God cos obviously it's the devil's doing.I will hate to see the case files from Nigerians on God's desk.It must be packed!
Anyway lets get into how this man Yinka Offehin had his scrotum cut off by his very kind fellow tennants...

A young man identified as Yinka Offehin is currently battling for his life at a private hospital in Lagos after the children of his landlady, named Damilola Olaleye & Solomon Olowogbemi, allegedly attacked him cutting off his scrotum, Punch reports 

The alleged attack took place at Popoola Street, off Abaranje Road in the Ikotun area of Lagos and was said to have happened as Offehun was sleeping with his family in his room. The tenant was said to have attacked by the landlady's children over a disagreement he had with their mother, who'd asked him to vacate her compound immediately

Narrating what led to the unfortunate incident, Yinka's wife, Bisi Offehin said...continue...
On Thursday morning, around 3am, while we were sleeping, we heard loud bangs on our door. We initially thought they were armed robbers because the house beside ours had recently been robbed. When they entered, we saw they were children of our landlady. They began destroying our electronics and other property. There were two of them. One held a knife in his hand. They took N800, 000. They descended on my husband and he also fought back. In that confusion, my husband shouted and we saw that one of the attackers had cut Yinka’s scrotum. I can’t say what they used to cut off my husband’s scrotum.”
She said even in so much pain, her husband was able to hold on to one of his attackers till dawn, while the other fled the scene.
Offehin, while narrating what led to the attack, said;
 “I was asked to leave the house immediately, but after the intervention of the traditional ruler of the community, I was asked to leave by the end of August. But that decision did not go down well with the children of my landlady and they continued to make trouble with me. I was already planning to leave their house and had even contacted an agent when they attacked me without any provocation. I want the government to fight for me,” he said.
Doctors at the hospital where he is being treated say they have stitched the scrotum but that the wound would take up to three months to heal. Family sources say they have spent over N60,000 for his treatment and that they have been told by doctors that if the wound does not heal, he might have to undergo a surgery.
When contacted, father of the suspects who is a pastor asked that the matter be left for God to decide as both suspects are now in police cell
"I am sorry; I can’t speak with you on this matter. You know the matter is already with the police and those they accused of committing the offence are in the police cell. So, what do you want me to say? I was told they are taking the matter to court. Let’s leave everything to God.” he said
The Lagos state Police spokeswoman who confirmed the incident said both suspects are currently in police custody
"It was around 3am, while the victim was sleeping in his room, that one Solomon Olowogbemi and Damilola Olayeye, the children of his landlady, came in and started fighting with him. In the process, they inflicted injury on him with an unknown object. The skin of his scrotum was partly cut off, thereby exposing one of his testicles. The two suspects have been arrested and detained and the victim taken to a hospital.” she said
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