Ebola-Patrick Sawyer's wife Defends her selfish Reckless Husband!

Ebola-Patrick Sawyer's wife Defends her selfish Reckless Husband!

Patrick Sawyer's wife Decontee Sawyer tries in vain to defend selfish reckless husband!

I am so upset this morning after reading a report from Patrick Sawyer's,(the Liberian who came to Nigeria with the Ebola virus and infected many) wife!
Decontee Sawyer,Patrick Sawyer's wife has been defending her husband saying the only
reason he came to Nigeria even though he knew fully well that he had Ebola Virus "was to get better health treatment".I know you should not speak ill of the dead like they say,but this man Sawyer is reckless,selfish,arrogant and a very wicked man indeed! I truly don't believe he came to Nigeria just for the health treatment,i believe he actually feels disdain towards Nigeria and didn't care how many people he infected over there!

If that was not his mission,why was he clearly seen avoiding contact with people in his own country Liberia and then be so reckless when he got to Nigeria?If Sawyer knew anything about Nigeria,he will know Nigeria's health care system definitely was nothing to shout from the mountain tops about! Did he read somewhere that Nigeria had a magic wand for Ebola Virus? Why didn't he go to a more respected country with better health care system? Why didn't he go to the USA for example? He was a citizen of the USA afterall..He was also a diplomat,Patrick Sawyer could have gone anywhere in the world where the health services was much more better,but chose to bring his reckless,arrogant and selfish self to Nigeria!
Patrick Sawyer and Decontee Sawyer.

Why didn't Patrick Sawyer announce as soon as he got to Nigeria that he had the Ebola Virus? He didn't and he was only taken to the hospital because he was visibly sick! CCTV showed this man "avoiding contact" with his country people in Liberia,but he gets to Nigeria shaking
and hugging people! 
If he had made that clear,right from the start the precautions taken would have been different.On top of that,we heard about how he denied being infected ,urinated on hospital staff and many arrogant and endangering behaviour! I feel no pity for Patrick Sawyer,i did initially,but now all i feel is anger,for all those lives he has endangered and those he has contributed to their avoidable death!

As for his wife Decontee,i appreciate she is hurting,but she was talking a whole heap of rubbish defending her reckless and selfish husband.I did not hear Decontee,Patrick Sawyer's wife reserve any pity for those Sawyer her husband had infected or caused their death.Instead all she has done is abuse the "President of Liberia" for rightly calling the actions of her husband reckless and selfish,because he left the country when he ahd already been warned not to do so!
It's all sad cos this should and could have been easily avoidable but for the selfish and reckless actions of one man called Patrick Sawyer and a Liberian government who had no system in place to Police a man who should have been in isolation!

Here is what Decontee Sawyer had to say while pitifully defending the indefensible actions of her selfish and reckless husband!
Below is a report from PremiumTimes/TMZ Liberia Magazine:
The widow of late Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian who brought Ebola into Nigeria, has defended her husband’s decision to travel to Nigeria, saying he did so in desperate search for a country with better healthcare system than his own country.
In an article published earlier yesterday, TMZ Liberia Magazine quoted Decontee Sawyer, who is a radio host in New York, as explaining that Mr. Sawyer had no trust in the healthcare system in Liberia and had possibly headed to Nigeria with the hope of receiving better treatment for his ailment.
According to an online publication, Premium Times, Mrs. Sawyer shared her thoughts on her Facebook profile from which TMZ Liberia sourced it for publication. “I’ve read other reports in other papers (not the New York Times) about Patrick’s “recklessness.” I get where they’re coming from, and they certainly have the right to feel the way they do. However, as Patrick’s widow, I would like to shed some light on this from another perspective. One that only I, his wife, would know,” she wrote.
“I knew Patrick better than anybody else (including himself). He had told me many times in the past how much he didn’t trust the Liberian healthcare system. He would tell me about how a person would get checked in for one thing, and get misdiagnosed and get the wrong treatment as a result. On top of that, Patrick was a clean freak, and told me how filthy a lot of the hospitals were.
“He didn’t tell me this, but I know in my heart of hearts that Patrick was determined to get to Nigeria by all means because he felt that Nigeria would be a place of refuge. He has expressed to me many times in the past that he felt passionately about helping to be a part of strengthening Liberia’s healthcare system, but he knew it wasn’t there yet, and he wouldn’t want to take a chance with his life because a lot of people depended on him… Patrick had a passion for life, and he wouldn’t have wanted his to end. So, I bet anything that he was thinking, if I could only get to Nigeria, a way more developed country than Liberia, I would be able to get some help. How ironic.”
In her post, Mrs. Sawyer wrote that the fact that her husband avoided contact with others at the James Sprigg Payne’s Airport in Monrovia as revealed by airport CCTV footage proved he didn’t set out to infect others with the disease and perhaps his actions were that of a dying man in desperate search for help.
“It has been reported that Patrick avoided physical contact with everyone he came across during his trip from Liberia to Nigeria. When he got to Nigeria, he turned himself in letting them know that he had just flown in from Liberia.
“Patrick went to Nigeria for help so that he can get properly diagnosed, and not misdiagnosed in Liberia. And if it came back that he did have Ebola, he trusted the Nigerian healthcare system a lot more than he trusted the Liberian’s. His action, as off as it was, was a desperate plea for help. Patrick didn’t want to die, and he thought his life would be saved in Nigeria.”
Mrs. Sawyer then took a swipe at the Liberian President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who said Mr Sawyer was indiscipline and disrespectful for failing to heed medical advise not to travel. Mrs Sawyer said if President Johnson-Sirleaf had fixed the healthcare system in Liberia, her husband would not have left in search of treatment elsewhere.
“I write today, not simply because of Patrick, but because of the broken healthcare system in the Liberia, and the government’s inability under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (and other past Presidents) to fix it. Good doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers aren’t given the support they need to save lives.

“President Sirleaf went on CNN News throwing stones at Patrick, a man who can no longer defend himself, a man who worked tirelessly for Liberia. She should be ashamed of herself. I use to admire this woman, and was excited and proud of her accomplishment as the first woman President in the entire continent of Africa. She will always own that. We will always own that. It can’t be taken away from her. It’s something to be proud of. But this woman has failed her country,” she wrote.
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