The painful plight of Kenyan Gay gospel Musician Joji Baro

The painful plight of Kenyan Gay gospel Musician Joji Baro

This is a very sad story of the trials and tribulations a Gay Kenyan Gospel artist Joji Baro,is going through.I really don't feel it is necessary to put this poor boy through all this.In my opinion,everyone who is gay knows that lifestyle will give you so much trouble and pains both from society and family.I really don't think they will risk all that heartache if it wasn't something they were
born with and can't control.A lot of gay guys kill themselves.If it was something you could just click or snap your fingers to,while would they commit suicide?

It must be a very sad and lonely world when the only way you can find love is rejected by society,family,religion and sometimes governments.I can't imagine what these people go through.I know some people don't agree with this,but i feel if two adults wanna get together and they love each other,it's no body's business! This Kenyan boy Joji Baro, has been treated like an animal and my heart bleeds for is his story of what happened to him the way this is not the first trials of 23 year old Joji Baro..he has gone through his parents rejecting him,being HIV Positive and much more,this is just another chapter in his sad life...

‘Today in the morning, I woke up as usual and jovial, went to freshen up, then came back. I went outside and took someclothes I had washed previously and ironed them. All this while I had spent over 30 minutes outside my house without locking the door…Someone came inside in a rush, planted a stolen stuff through my window. As I was getting ready to leave my house and get myself some breakfast, someone knocked on my door…he then demanded to search my house.

All this while I have been keeping silent and thought it was a joke so I dismissed him. This took a little bit longer and by the time I went back I found a flux of mob on my door. Then I was told to open. The guy then went directly to my window and pulled the implanted thing from there. I was lashed, caned, kicked,slapped, punched, beaten and am that. I have bruises all over my body….as if that was not enough, some said I should be burned and that they "don’t want gays in their neighborhood". One of then landed a hockey stick on the back of my neck and I fell down. It is from there that I was mobbed like a thief. I was then locked in a dirty empty room where I was "undressed to find out whether am a man or a woman", they pulled my hair like that of Cassandra in that movie…I was then tortured more. And tortured and tortured. They seized my phone gadgets and my house key and did everything with my house. For three hours locked in isolation similar to solitary just within the Tel Aviv estate managed Bethsamwel Investment Limited in Embakasi....
I was then released to go back to my house, pack my things, and leave. Leave to nowhere. While packing other women came to my house and went indeep to where I keep clothes without checking and viola…! More planted things and more and more till I could not take it anymore. The media also beat me to extract information from me. Two activists came to my rescue and I have left them guiding my things outside the block. I have been evicted without notice of refund of my rent which I struggle so hard to get. They have also taken away my human right trophy off my hand and that I should forget about it. As we speak am in a cyber(a different one) trying to collect events together and see where to go from here. I did not give up without a fight though….I was able to maintain myhairstyle throughout. I have not gone to the police yet. I have not gone to the hospital.

I am trying to type but it is hard. And now I don’t know who t turn to. This wasn’t coming soon….I should have read the signs. They took my clothes. Almost took my credentials. I have been chased away from my own house. Deprived off my rights, denied access to my own property and subjected to torture and humiliation both physically and psychologically. I am moving like someone who has an STI down there from the injuries emanating from one man who stepped on my balls. I was caressed to find out whether I have breasts, or vagina or both in any case. And this brought up the "memories of my parents when they disowned me". I can’t seem to comprehend why do I always have to be unfortunate….why do bad things happen to me…the worst humiliation was when I was told had it been that i am not HIV,five men would have raped me the Sodom and Gomorrah way to feel how other men feel when copulating with me. I do not know whether I approach my friends as this was abrupt. And I DON’T know whether any help is forthcoming. While am still trying to figure out where to go from here my advice is avoid Embakasi at all cost. Especially those who are pronouncly gay. And Tel Aviv Estate in particular. But first let pause here and find out whether my furniture are safe.’...
This is too sad and absolutely no need for this in this day and age! Where is the love?

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