Amber Rose should have not married a RAPPER if she wanted Fidelity!

Amber Rose should have not married a RAPPER if she wanted Fidelity!

Once upon a time,Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose before divorce saga.

So Amber Rose finally stops the rumours and reveals the reason she is filing for a divorce is because Wiz Khalifa cheated! Amber Rose if you wanted a faithful man ,or

FIDELITY in your marriage,you should have stayed away from a Rapper! Excuse me? Wiz cheated? who would marry a rapper and be shocked that he cheated?I think she really wanted to leave and was just looking for an excuse.I mean seriously,you marry a rapper and expect him not to cheat? You expect fidelity?Jeez,how naive can one be?You marry a musician who has millions of girls throwing themselves at him and you think he wouldn't cheat once at least? Common Amber,what planet are you on? For me i think it's just a cover up excuse.No woman on her right senses will marry a hip hop star and think she will be the only one he sees.Common,that's like saying,you work in a cake shop and you only taste one make.

If Amber Rose really wanted to have a one man one woman relationship,she should have married outside show biz.That's the simple truth.I could never see a guy like Wiz Khalifa and think,hmmm..hes gonna be faithful.I'm not being mean .just telling it how it is.
Amber was on for the ride,she satisfied her curiousty with a bad boy and now she wants to move on to something else.Mark my words in a month or less,we are gonna see her with someone else,and we all know who that person is.There will be the usual story of ,Nahh..we were just friends,it only just started,i never looked at him that way,she was a shoulder to cry on..crap! You fool no one.Its the crazy loving world of showbiz..And the beat goes on...

wiz khalifa shares pic of him and dog after divorce saga
Somewhere else in Wiz Khalifa's world,he truly discovers a dog is a man's best friend! is a picture he shared.Oblivious to all the hype and hassle.Dogs are said to be very who is the dog here?
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